H2yOga Class Descriptions


We offer a wide variety of Aquatic Yoga Classes to include every interest and skill level!

H2yOga Flows Afloat Class Half Moons



The Premiere Prenatal Water Yoga Program in Los Angeles is GROWING! Check out our Shiny New 2015 Prenatal Offerings!

H2yOga Prenatal Mermaid Twist

**The classes listed in this column are NOT APPROPRIATE for pregnant women. Pregnant? Check out our Pregnancy Safe H2yOga Classes instead---->


FLOWS AFLOAT (Beginner/All Levels)

**If you're joining H2yOga for the first time, this is the class for you!**

This class accommodates beginners and experienced Yogis alike. Learn the H2yOga basics in this popular vinyasa based class. Our primary focus is connecting breath to movement as we journey through a series of aquatic flows. Lots of repetition makes for a moving meditation that soothes mind body and spirit! Included are land-yoga favorites such as Upward Facing Dog and Child's Pose with a whole new twist!
This class is highly recommended as your first H2yOga class.


It's house favorite "Flows Afloat" but with the added bonus of ball-work! Join us for these classes morning, afternoon and night!
"Flows Afloat with a Ball" takes our practice up a notch! This fun Hybrid-class combines our Signature vinyasa-based "Flows Afloat" class with the benefits we enjoy from working with a ball!
This class is for you if you've been struggling with balance, need help establishing dynamic tension (keeping your mermaid tail together), want to take your "Flows Afloat" practice to a new level or you already love our ball classes. This class is an all-levels class.
Good for experienced H2yOgis and newbies alike.

ESSENTIAL CORE (Intermediate)
*NEW IN 2015!*

Improve Core Stability and Strength while learning the essential principles and flows from our Intermediate and Advanced Classes. "Essential Core" provides the building blocks for H2yOga beyond "Flows Afloat." Take your practice to the next level while strengthening the core muscle group. Target your internal and external obliques, transverse abdominals, lats and pelvic floor.
Get to the "Essential Core!" Secure the foundations of our Intermediate and Advanced Classes: learn the H2yOga Power Series, Twisting Mermaid Series, H2yOga Hundreds, Bottom-Toning Series, and Advanced Versions of our Signature "Flows Afloat" Flows!

DETOX ALOFT (Intermediate/Advanced)

Our Twisting Series!
This super-fun class detoxes the major organs of the body!
Every time we take a twist in yoga, we are expunging toxins from our bodies. In the water, this process is intensified as the heat encourages our natural filtration systems to work more efficiently. Particularly great if you're doing a cleanse (and even if you're not!).
TRY IT IF...you feel comfortable with our basic poses and can follow along without having to look, because we twist around a lot in this class!
NOT FOR YOU IF...you suffer from vertigo or are new to our practice.

BUOYANT BOTTOMS (Intermediate)

It's that time of year again, the one where the bikini's come out and we all go and hide. Well, not you. Not this year. Buoyant Bottoms is a unique bottom lifting workout specially designed to make your derrière look nice in its bikini cover. So whether you're a thong or full-coverage on the bottom kind of girl, you're gonna be wearing a big smile on the top.
"Buoyant Bottoms" is similar to our "Bikini Body Blast" Class, but the primary focus is on the waist down: toning abs, glutes, thighs and calves. Includes H2yOga Hundred and Toning Ball work!

BIKINI BODY BLAST (Intermediate)

Check out our New and Improved Non-Stop Power Series!! Fast, Furious Calorie Burning Fun!!!
Launch into this power driven workout-based on the principles of one breath, one movement. Transform your body with this body-slimming class!
"H2yOga Bikini Body Blast" features Power Vinyasa Sequences, the Core Power Series, Power Boat and Plank Abdominal Series, H2yOga Hundred and Toning Ball work, which intensify this rigorous workout!

*NEW IN 2015!*

Enjoy all the benefits of our Signature "Flows Afloat" class, in this Reimagined, Multi-Dimentional class that heightens body awareness to explore the inner-workings of personal space, creating balance within the self and the larger world of the pool.
Turn your "Body Vision" ON: see not just with your eyes, but with your whole body!
Tone, Stretch, and Strengthen with dynamic flows while creating more focused awareness of the body and the space it inhabits. Maintain inner balance while weaving gracefully through the water. Navigate extended poses, work at the surface of the water and beneath it. Transform obstacles into creative opportunities!
*Based on the life's work of H2yOga Creator Sue Gisser's mentor: the late, great Joe Hart - master of navigating the creative space.*


Not Intended for Beginners!
This High-Powered Evening Class is an INTENSE Mish-Mash of all our class styles! If you like our Bikini Body Blast, Buoyant Bottoms and Detox, you will love this Super-Fast, Toning, Firming, Detoxing, Calorie Burning Fiesta!!!
A perfect end to whatever kind of day you're having. After a short warm-up, we lead with ab work, "diving-in" to an intense workout, emphasizing strength training. Then our class shifts to a gentle stretch, easing you into your evening and ultimately peaceful sleep.
This class features Powerful Core Work, the H2yOga Hundred and Toning with a Ball!





PRENATAL H2yOga (All Levels/Pregnancy Safe!)

H2yOga is having twins in 2015 with TWO ALL-NEW classes for moms-to-be. To accomodate the needs and requests of our growing base of prenatal practitioners, H2yOga is now offering "Prenatal H2yOga ABC's: Arms, Buns and Core!" and "Bump it Up! Prenatal H2yOga from A to Zen!"

We are thrilled to share our Pregnancy-Safe Water Yoga Classes!
Comprised of Baby-Friendly Core Strengthening, Standing Poses, Wall Work, Breathing Exercises, some Light Cardio Series and Gentle Floating Sequences these popular, restorative classes are a wonderful way to start your day, whether you're expecting...or not!

These Prenatal H2yOga classes are the only pregnancy safe class styles we offer, however these classes are not just for pregnant women. Each Prenatal H2yOga class focuses in on the particular needs of those attending that day. In this nurturing environment, we float in a different way--totally weight free!
TRY IT IF: you're pregnant, or if you have special needs that require attention or if you just want to try something different. This class is recommended for clients recovering from injury, suffering from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis in the hands, and for those afraid of the water.

Tone & Stretch with...
PRENATAL H2yOga ABC's: Arms, Buns, Core!

(Pregnancy-Safe/Supportive for Injuries/All Levels)

These luxurious classes begin with Stretching Bliss: learn to create personal space, control breath through visualization, reduce stress, improve balance, prepare your body for birthing, address carpal tunnel, relieve back pain, and reduce the tightness caused by straining in the round ligaments as your womb grows (typically noticed during the second trimester).
Then Tone Arms, Buns, Thighs and Core; especially those all-important side muscles that support your bump! Plus, learn to strengthen your pelvic floor- so important for building abdominal strength, improving vaginal health during the birthing process and for re-toning those important muscles after birth!

BUMP IT UP! Prenatal H2yOga from A to Zen!
(Pregnancy-Safe/Supportive for Injuries/All Levels)

Get moving! The secret to bouncing back after baby is staying in shape while pregnant. Designed to keep you feeling strong as your body's proportions change, "Bump it Up!" helps mommies-t0-be overcome the challenges of staying fit during pregnancy. Embrace your inner-type A with H2yOga's non-impact, heart-healthy, pregnancy-safe, calorie-burning cardio series. Balance these invigorating exercises with dynamic stress-relieving Zen Flows to revitalize mind, body, and spirit. Build endurance with this fun and effective workout as H2yOga takes you from A to Zen!