Welcome Grouponers!

Thank you for your interest in H2yOga and for your Groupon Purchase.

Getting Started is Easy as...1, 2, 3!

Here's what to do:

  1. Link to Our On-Line Scheduler by CLICKING HERE and Create Your Profile.

  2. Send an email to: sue@myh2yoga.com with your Redemption Code. *Your Unique Redemption Code is found in the center of the page under the barcode.* We have revised our pricing since offering Groupon and Amazon Local offers, so the codes no longer match in our online scheduler. I am happy to redeem the codes for you. I'll send you an email back letting you know you have a Shiny New H2yOga package in your account all ready for booking!

  3. Once you have the Package in your account, log back in, goto "Classes" and Book Away! Always review your Reservations BEFORE logging out by clicking "My Info," then "My Schedule." Due to Pool Size, All H2yOga Classes are By Appointment Only. Classes may be booked up to 1 hour prior to class time. We have a 24hr cancellation policy.

Grouponers Receive 15% off their First H2yOga Package Purchase after their Groupon is used!