Meet Your Yogini




Sue Gisser is the Creator of H2yOga.
Developed in 2010, her unique, ENTIRELYFLOATING aquatic yoga practice, combines dynamic flows, resistance training & traditional yoga poses to create a virtually gravity-free workout.
Her technique takes advantage of water's buoyancy, reducing the pressure of gravity & facilitating participation for those with physical limitations.
Sue also created a pregnancy-safe version of H2yOga.

As the premier water yoga instructor in Los Angeles, Sue proudly served as Lululemon Ambassador for the Kimpton Hotel Group Yoga Initiative & brought H2yOga to "Water Week"and "40s Week" at the Oaks at Ojai.
H2yOga has been featured on the Covers of the "LA Times Mind and Body Section" and the "Larchmont Chronicle," and in publications as far reaching as the UK!

In addition to her aquatic practice, Sue teaches innovative Land Yoga workshops in LA & was the In-House Yoga Instructor at TenTenWilshire from 2011-2014, where her classes include: Kundalini, Chakra Work, Circular Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and her extremely popular Yoga Boot Camp Revolution!

Sue also has a thriving Private Practice.
Her clients range from 18-85, including prenatal and special needs clients.
Certification & Training are through Yogafit®.

Sue's first book, "Redefining Water Yoga: The Authoritative Encyclopedia of Aquatic Poses & Flows for Changing Your Workout & Your Life" will be released in 2014.