before class faq

When should I arrive?  
We recommend arriving 15 minutes before class to find parking, change, and shower. 

What do I do when I get there?  
Shower and Bathing Suit Up! Then meet your instructor by the small pool. If you don’t have a lock bring your stuff with you. Hold off on getting in the water until your instructor has you checked in and in your equipment. 

What if I’m running late?  
If you’re going to be more than 20 minutes late, call 323-523-5697 or send us a note. We understand that LA traffic can be unpredictable and will wait for 20 minutes for you to show. If you’re the only one, and we haven’t heard from you, we will leave. Be respectful of others, if you arrive late, wait for a break in the class before entering the pool. 

Something came up. Can I cancel?  
We have a 24hr cancellation policy. If you need to cancel class, please do so 24 hours before class begins, so you don't lose your credit. You can cancel your class by clicking on the “My Classes” tab. Emergencies happen and things come up.
If you would like to attempt a same day switch, which is permitted without losing a credit (subject to availability), send us a note, and follow up with a call to: 323-523-5697. If you do not show for your reservation, or if you attempt to cancel less than an hour before your class,  you will be charged for that reservation.