H2yOga Cardio, Tone, & Twist Classes - intermediate

Add elements like extra equipment & spinning to the H2Oga basics,. These classes move at a faster pace than our flow classes
If you're new to our practice, we strongly recommend taking at least one of our flow style classes to get the basics down first.
You'll have more fun, feel more successful, and  be able to get a genuine feel for the cardio, toning, and twisting styles.

Buoyant Bottoms

It's that time of year again, the one where the bikinis come out and we all go and hide. Well, not you. Not this year. This uniquely bottom lifting workout is specially designed to make your derriere look nice in it's bikini cover. So whether you're a thong or full-coverage on the bottom kind of girl, you're gonna be wearing a big smile on the top.  

Or just...look better naked. 


Bikini Body Blast

Non-Stop Power Series for Fast, Furious Calorie Burning Fun!!!  

Launch into this power-driven workout, based on the principles of one breath, one movement. Transform your body with this body-slimming class!  


Detox Aloft

Spin, Twist, and Twirl your way to a leaner, cleaner you! This super-fun class isn't just a great workout, it detoxes the major organs of the body! Doing a cleanse? Add this to your workout! 

For experienced H2yOgis - be comfortable with our basic poses, aquatic side planks, and spinning, and be able to  follow along without having to look, because we twist around a lot in this class!