What is H2yOga?

H2yOga is THE source for Water Yoga classes in Los Angeles! 

As the premiere aquatic yoga program in LA, H2yOga began creating virtually gravity-free workouts in 2010 by using water-weights as "personal-yoga mats"  for practitioners to establish good alignment, while still floating freely in space. Leverage against the buoyancy equipment opens up 360 degrees of creative opportunities in this core-centric practice that turns traditional yoga poses into previously unconceived-of dynamic flows. H2yOga has evolved to include elements of pilates, dance, and gymnastics, making this hybrid workout a truly one-of-a-kind experience. 

We offer a wide variety of class styles to include every interest & skill level; including a full aquatic prenatal workout program and injury-safe class options. 

Created and developed by the Certified Yoga Instructor Sue Gisser, this inspiring practice ignites core connection in a warm, supportive aquatic environment. 

More than just workout classes, H2yOga classes are transformative experiences that bring results through innovation and Sue's unique style of movement.

It's kind of fun to do the impossible”

— Walt Disney