what is h2yoga?

H2yOga is THE source for Water Yoga classes in Los Angeles! 

As the premiere aquatic yoga program in LA, H2yOga began creating virtually gravity-free workouts in 2010 by using water-weights as "personal-yoga mats"  for practitioners to establish good alignment, while still floating freely in space.

Leverage against the buoyancy equipment opens up 360 degrees of creative opportunities in this core-centric practice that turns traditional yoga poses into previously unconceived of dynamic flows. H2yOga has evolved to include elements of pilates, dance, and gymnastics, making this hybrid workout a truly one-of-a-kind experience.  

We offer a wide variety of class styles to include every interest & skill level; including a full aquatic prenatal workout program, and injury-safe class options. 

Created and developed by the Certified Yoga Instructor Sue Gisser, this inspiring practice ignites core connection, in a warm, supportive aquatic environment. 

More than just workout classes, H2yOga classes are transformative experiences that bring results through innovation and Sue's unique style of movement. 

What an interesting, unique class! With a focus on form and conscious movements, it felt like being on a Pilates Reformer machine in the water. GREAT toning workout. ”

— Cindy P.

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You can't get it anywhere else but here. If you're like me you probably thought it was a strange concept...but for me as a Pilates Instructor I've gone several times and every time I go I never want it to end! Sue has done an amazing job developing this workout. I've told so many friends of mine about it since it's a really great workout for those who have a hard time with regular yoga.  The water really changes the muscles used and you don't have the same joint pressures that "land yoga" produces. This is something everyone must experience for themselves!! ”

— L Logan P.


I feel so fortunate to have found Sue and these classes early in my second trimester and I can confidently say that they have saved my back, my belly and have had a huge impact on helping my balance. I'm now 7 months pregnant with twins and the extra weight is really inhibiting regular exercise. I live for the 2 to 3 classes I attend weekly!”

— Cassidy B.

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Therapeutic Benefits

As a woman living with MS (multiple sclerosis) for the past 15 years, I continually search for techniques to improve my symptoms. These classes are so beneficial! I exit each session with improved gait!!”

— Allison S.

In addition to general improvements in flexibility and strength, I was delighted to discover that an old shoulder injury is completely resolved now! Totally worth the drive :) ”

— --Deirdre D.

I recently had surgery to replace a disc. This is the only exercise I can do that doesn't irritate my lower back, and is definitely helping me strengthen it. I am a HUGE fan of this class. Sue is fantastic, and H2yOga gets a big two thumbs up from me :) ”

— -Jackie M.


At the encouragement of my OBGYN, I started attending prenatal H2yOga classes when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant. I'm so glad I listened to my doctor. At 40 weeks, my daughter was born, weighing 10 lbs 2 oz!!! I had a normal delivery with minimal complications and am healing well and fairly quickly. I attribute a lot of this to the prenatal workouts and centering exercises from these amazing water yoga classes. ”

— Amy K.

about h2yoga creator sue gisser

Sue's been teaching yoga for over a decade, and the H2yOga practice she created since 2010. In that time, she's taught well over 15,000 classes on land and in the water. Since its inception, Sue has expanded her original "floating yoga" concept into 12 class styles (including 3 prenatal) and developed an extensive vocabulary of exercises to help practitioners achieve their individual goals, including pregnancy, weight loss, improved balance, MS, Parkinsons, RA, fibro, injury recovery, special needs, and has helped clients recover from surgery, and just as often, avoid surgery completely. 

This energetic power house is rooted in strong technique. With H2yOga, Sue combines her Training in Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga, with Passion for water-friendly Kundalini-Style Movement, Dance, Gymnastics, Pilates, and 13+ years of experience working with the water.

Her one-of-a-kind Method is grounded in her Movement Training as a Performer, incorporating Circular Movement and Tension Release Principles from Williamson and Alexander Techniques, and Spacial Balance, Awareness and Physical Story-Telling from her mentor, Joe Hart. Like Krav-Maga, H2yOga is an ever-evolving animal. Sue transforms this practice continuously incorporating new skills, techniques, and ideas. As her students evolve and grow, as their needs change, her practice evolves for them.

Sue is the premier water yoga instructor in Los Angeles. She proudly served as Lululemon Ambassador for the Kimpton Hotel Group Yoga Initiative & brought H2yOga to "Water Week"and "40s Week" at the Oaks at Ojai. Sue and her H2yOga Method have been featured on the Covers of the "LA Times" (Mind and Body Section) and the "Larchmont Chronicle," and in publications as far reaching as the UK and Japan.  

In her "spare time," she teaches innovative Land Yoga Workshops, Water Aerobics, and private sessions on land and in the water. Formally the In-House Yoga Instructor at TenTenWilshire, where her classes included: Kundalini, Chakra Work, Circular Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and her extremely popular "Yoga Boot Camp Revolution." Client age range: 18-92. Prenatal. Special needs clients.

Sue holds a BFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University and a Certificate from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Yoga Certification & Training are through Yogafit®.  

Sue is available for private training by appointment only. Fill out our contact form for more information.