Do I need to create an account?  
Yes. It’s very simple and should take about a minute.
If you're not computer-savvy, follow these step-by-step directions to help you through it. 

I'm new. Do I have to buy a package or a membership?  
Nope! We totally get that not every workout is for everyone, but we do feel that because there is a learning curve, you should have a chance to apply what you've learned to a second class, before choosing to invest in a package. That's why we created the "First Timers" Pass - with it, when you purchase your first class, we automatically credit your account with a second class on us! There are no membership requirements at H2yOga. Please be advised: Group H2yOga Classes at the Swim Right Academy will end December 23rd

Do you have an Unlimited Program?  
In addition to our standard 4-class packages, we do offer an Unlimited Program, which designed for students who come more than twice a week. We also offer private one-on-one training and can accommodate special events. Private Training and Workshops will continue after Group Classes end on December 23, 2019

When do classes become available to book online?  
Group classes can be booked online as long as the class is available. However, the scheduler thinks the week ends on Sunday, so you may need to scroll forward to book the day/class you want. 

How does the waitlist work?  
We automatically enroll waitlisted clients into class up to 24 hours prior to the class start time. After the 24-hour mark, we will call you if we are able to secure you a spot in class. We can only hold the spot if we're able to reach you; otherwise, we will release it to the next client on the waitlist.