pool faq

Where is your pool located?   
There are actually TWO pools at our location! They're Heated! And Salt-Water! And we use BOTH of them for our classes. 

Our heated salt-water pools are located at:
5870 W Olympic Blvd. at the Swim Right Academy (formally the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim School). 
Click here for directions to our totally FREE Parking Lot!

Your classes are held in Heated Salt-Water Therapy Pools?
Yes! Most of our classes are held in the small heated-therapy pool.
Only the Prenatal Cardio Class on Wednesday's at 10am is held in the big lap pool (which is also salt water, and also heated).

So if they're salt water pools are there any chemicals in them?
Yes. Because the Swim Right Academy is considered a public facility, they are required to remain compliant with the California State Laws regarding chemical balance in public pools. We do however, use the minimum amount of chemicals possible with the most amount of salt to achieve that balance. 

The only way to get a completely chemical-free pool in LA is to have one at a private home, where you can use only salt.

How warm are your pools?
Our therapy pool is kept between 88 and 90 yummy degrees! The lap pool is 84 degrees.

How deep are your pools?   
At its deepest point, the therapy pool is 4 1/2 feet deep, 3 1/3 feet at its shallowest.

The lap pool runs from 3 feet-10 feet. 
The Prenatal Cardio Class on Wednesday's at 10am, is the only class we offer in the lap pool.
We mostly use the deep end for this class, but if you're a non-swimmer with fear of the water, we'll keep you in the shallow end where you can put your feet down if you get nervous. 

Can I just come and swim or walk in the warm water on my own before or after my class?There's no free swimming before or after class. If you want to do lap swimming or walking on your own, there are lap swim times available for non-members in the lap pool. Contact the Swim Right Academy directly for hours and rates: 323.525.0323
There are no non-class times available in the therapy pool. 

Can I book an H2yOga class in your pool for a private event?
You sure can! H2yOga Birthday Parties and Baby Showers are the BEST! Contact Sue for rates and details. 

Can I book a Private H2yOga Session in your pool?
Yes. If you don't have a pool of your own, we can book out a time for a private session at the facility. Contact Sue for rates & details.

Can I book the pool for an unrelated event, like a photo shoot, a kid's party, or to run my own workshop in the water?
Absolutely! For these types of bookings, contact Jared, the Pool Director: Jared@SwimRightAcademy.com