faq about the workout

I've never done yoga before, will I be able to keep up? 
Absolutely. Most of our workouts are beginner friendly, and designed with lots of repetition, to allow everyone to flow at their own pace. When we have a First Timer in class, we also include a short introduction to our style of floating, and to our basic vocabulary called: “noodle safety.” If you can, start with a flow-style class to get the basics down, before moving on to our other class styles. 

What if I can't do everything in class? I haven't worked out in a while. 
Don’t sweat it. Instructors offer modifications for many of the exercises we do in class, so you’ll have options. 

Is there a beginner class? 
All of our flow classes are suitable for beginners. We also offer private coaching if you’d like to brush up with some one-on-one technique before you step into a class setting, but it’s certainly not a pre-req for taking class. 

Whether you've taken lots of yoga or it's your first time, we always recommend taking one of our flow classes ("Flows Afloat," "Flows Afloat with a Ball," or "Body Vision") for your first class. These classes are the gentlest, and most organic in progression from pose-to-pose, so they're the perfect place to develop your H2yOga vocabulary. Once you've taken a flow-style class, you'll be able to easily transition into one of our faster paced classes.

What if I'm new and I'm not available when the flow classes are offered? 
Come anyway. Choose a class that suits your interests and availability. We'll add in an abbreviated version of "noodle safety" at the beginning of class so you understand the basics of our cueing. Please be on time so you don't hold up the rest of the class. 

If you still want to get the flow experience and vocabulary, book a private session with Sue. We'll find a time that works for you.

Can I do H2yOga if I'm recovering from an injury?
Yes! Always check with your doctor first. Once you've been cleared for exercise, come join us! The work we do in the water can actually help speed your recovery. 

Plus, you'll find you're in good company. While many of our clients come to H2yOga healthy and fit, others have had hip replacements, lack cartilage in their knees and other joints, have weight issues, problem shoulders or wrists, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer, MS, and other disorders that prevent them from doing yoga or any other exercise on land. H2yOga allows them to enjoy all the benefits of yoga in a gravity-free, supportive environment.

A phenomenal program in its own right, H2yOga has also been touted as the perfect transition between PT and other forms of exercise. Everyone can do H2yOga! Our clients range from 18-85 years of age, and from 90-350 lbs+. Classes range from quiet meditation with slow movement (Flows Afloat, Flows Afloat with a Ball, Body Vision), to more upbeat twisting series (Detox Aloft, Detox Power Lunch), to high power classes (Bikini Body Blast, Buoyant Bottoms, Essential Core, Warrior Core Tone and Stretch). Additionally, we offer 3 different Prenatal H2yOga classes for expectant mothers or those with special needs: Bump it Up (cardio), ABC's..Arms, Buns & Core (Tone & Stretch class), Essential Core (mash-up of prenatal class styles including some wall and floor work) .  One-on-one H2yOga sessions can also be booked at private homes. 

Can I do H2yOga if I can't swim?
YES! The pool is only 4 1/2 feet deep and we use floatation devices--similar to the "swimmies" you used as a kid! I actually have several clients who don't know how to swim and they LOVE H2yOga! If you have a real phobia of the water, try our Prenatal Classes! They're not just for pregnant women. Unlike most of our H2yOga classes, in Prenatal H2yOga, we use a different style of floating, where it's easy to put your feet down and come to standing when you need to. This style is perfect for "nervous floaters," easing stress and boosting confidence throughout our practice. Plus, if you want to learn how to swim, the Swim Right Academy, where our classes are held, offers adult swim lessons!

Before you were born, you floated, in a safe environment, where you were free to stretch, and grow. You had everything you needed. Practicing H2yOga helps you reconnect with those first supportive experiences, to reconnect with that warmth, that freedom. It's sort of like coming home. 

We offer a full program of Pregnancy-Safe Water Yoga Classes!
If you're pregnant, stick to those classes. They're our only pregnancy-safe class offerings. 


A: Nope! H2yOga is for men and women alike. In fact, several of our on-going clients are men. Some come with their partners, wives or girlfriends and some come by themselves.


A: Unfortunately, no. Due to pool size, all H2yOga classes are ALWAYS by appointment only. It's easy to make a reservation! 
Just CLICK HERE to use our online scheduler!

How old do you have to be to take a class? 
18. If you have a child who you feel would benefit from what we offer, schedule a private session for them. 
There is no age that is "too old," for our classes. So far, our eldest has been 92. So come join us! Help us raise our cap!